COVID-19 Vaccinations and Boosters

Doctor giving lady a vaccination

The Australian Government has considered this advice and will provide booster doses through the COVID-19 Vaccination Program (Program) to offer even greater protection against COVID-19 for people in Australia aged 18 and over who have completed their primary two-dose course of vaccination at least six months ago.

  • This means that anyone in Australia aged 18 years and over can receive a booster.
  • Pfizer boosters can be administered from 6 months after the second primary course dose of COVID-19 vaccine – regardless of the initial vaccine type.
  • The general Booster Program will commence from 8 November 2021. However:
    • boosters will commence immediately for aged care residents through in-reach clinics, and at-risk health staff through state and territory vaccination clinics as these cohorts were some of the first to receive vaccinations and are now due for their booster.
    • if you have stock and available bookings, you do not have to wait until 8 November, you can commence providing boosters immediately.


Individuals remain fully vaccinated with the primary two-dose vaccination course, which provides a high level of protection against the worst effects of COVID-19. The booster will provide additional protection and is not mandatory

Source: Operation COVID Shield - Primary Care Vaccine Roll-out